What is the membership fee.

The $5.99 membership fee is two things 1) a discounted Cartel Box purchase when you spend at least $25/shipment and 2) an alternative to enforcing a minimum active subscriptions rule when spending less. It enables us to offer Cartel Boxes to medium and high budget subscribers while not turning away low budget subscribers.

Why does the membership fee exist.

The membership fee came to life after having to raise the free Cartel Box(s) spending threshold to $50+/shipment. Ya'll wanted us to preserve the ability to spend $25 and get a Cartel Box but for it to make business sense we needed to charge $5.99/box.

At the same time we were taking a loss on shipments with less than $19 in comics. We hated the idea of a minimum subscription rule but $5.99 more would stop the bleeding.

Given the dollar amount that fixed both problems was the same we were able to kill two birds with one solution.

When is the membership fee get paid.

The fee will be automatically added on your shipping payment at the time of shipment.

Where does the membership fee apply.

The fee is only applied when you qualify for the bottom 2 member spending tiers. 

Avoiding the membership fee.

Can I opt out of the fee?
Yes! If you hit the $25/shipment spending tier and do not want to receive a Cartel Box you can opt out of the membership fee here and never get charged.

Do I have to pay a membership fee when making a normal purchase from your store? It depends...
f you chose "ship now" when checking out. Membership fees do not apply to individual orders that ship per checkout. However, you will only get Cartel Box if you've spend $50+.

Yes, if you choose "add to my subscription" when checking out. Membership fees do apply here as your order will be treated as a manually placed subscription purchase which will be held until the end of the month / week and shipped together with all similar orders along with/without subscriptions if you chose to subscribe as well.

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