All Local Comic Shop

If you don’t get your comics from us that’s totally cool, you can still manage your local comic shop pull list on Comic Cartel, just subscribe to the all the series you’re picking up then either switch off “Receive from Comic Cartel" individually for the ones you want to grab at your LCS.

If you want to get everything there head to your subscription settings and choose "Pick up your comics from your Local Comic Shop" to bulk set your whole pull list to inactive with us.

Be careful, if you do this by accident it resets your 4-6 week waiting period

Shop at Both Comic Cartel & Your Local Comic Shop

If you get some of your comics from us and pick some of them up at your LCS that works too, simply set where you’d like them coming from individually on each series.

There’s A Lot More Coming...

We’re working closely with real local comic shops (have your LCS get in contact with us if you think they’d be interested in participating) on a ton of great stuff with this. We launched this beta so we could start getting your feedback and feature requests as early as possible. Please, tell us you like, don’t like and want! Email feedback and questions to [email protected]

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