We wanted to reward our loyal members for being awesome, so we created the ComicCoin™. It’s like a point-based rewards system where you trade the Comic Coins for discounted comic books, but instead of the word “points” we say “coins”. Changing the world one word at a time.

Earn Comic Coins

Earn a coin for every dollar spent. Every time you complete an order, you earn coins. If you spend $20, that’s 20 coins. Simple.

Sometimes we’ll even have special “Double Coin Days” and “Double Coin Items” for example. Keep an eye out Cartelios.

Spend Comic Coins™

What ComicCoins™ are worth:

  • 100 = $5
  • 500 = $25
  • 5000 = $250
  • ..and so on. You get it :)

How to redeem

During checkout, you’ll get an option towards the top of the screen to use X amount of ComicCoins for a discount which you can redeem for up to 35% off your order.

Why can I only get 35% off my order?

Currently this is what’s feasible for us. We’ll be constantly looking into and hope to increase this limit as we grow. Rack up the points early on, they’ll most likely be worth more soon.

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