We’ve all been storing our comics the same way since the dawn of comics; comic books lining our floors and ugly white long boxes taking over our closets. Tired of that, we went on a mission searching for alternative options. “Heck no.” said the internet. “Let’s make what we’re looking for and give it away.” said Comic Cartel. So we cracked our knuckles and got to work. Here’s the deets.

Comic book storage box(es) with most shipments

For every shipment of at least $50+ worth of comics* you get a free storage box. The box fits ~20 comics, and you get one box for each 20 comics in your shipment.

 Organize as you buy.

You can fit a full years’ worth of comics in the box, so organizing your comics is easy with our method: For example, label one “Batman – 2017″ and every time a new one comes out this year, pop it in the box. Rinse, repeat. Simple & organized.

 Find a comic quickly and easily.

Trying to locate an old comic in a long box is like trying to find a …comic in a long box. Sorry, couldn’t think of anything worse. Long boxes are built to just store comics. Ours are built to not only store them, but let you easily access them as well.

 Sturdy and built to last.

It’s compact enough to fit perfectly — and look hella fresh (do people still say that?) — on your shelf, yet built to take a beating. Strong, thick, small, gorgeous and built like a (cardboard) tank. That’s how we like ‘em. Comic storage boxes, that is.

 Limited Edition Designs (coming soon)

Your limited-edition boxes are normally designed by top industry designers, but once in a while we’ll release a box designed by famous comic book illustrators.

Frequently Asked Cartel Box Questions:

Why do I need to spend $50+ for a free box?

You think these boxes grow on trees? Nawp, we gotta build them and they’re kinda pricey. But that’s okay, we want you to have nice things because we love you, so we’ll take the price jab and give them away for free to you when you have at least $50 worth of comics in your shipment. Also, the $50 mark doesn’t include the shipping cost and is calculated after any discounts. M’kay?

How many comics do I need to buy to get another box?

You get a box for each 20 comics in a shipment. So if you bought 40 you'd get 2 Cartel Boxes but if you bought 25 you'd only get one.

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